Saturday, 24 December 2016


Life's is not the end there is the place of joy and sorrow in heaven

Some of us thought that After earth is end my brother you are fooling yourself there is place in heaven that it meant for two categories of people. 

The first people re those who do  the wills of God whole heartedly

Those who do the will of God earth always be like prison yard for them because they will not do as the world does..
Like...smoking drinking adultery stealing and more read more in the holy Bible Galatians 5vs19-21

The second person and those who do the will of Satan..
Those people that takes the earth like paradise that after earth it has finished
They do a lot of dirty things like smoking unholy stealing  read more in Galatians 5vs19 to know the work of the flesh..the end of them is hell fire forever doom...

Repent from your bads ways and turn to your creator now accept jesus christ the only saviour of world. without him you cant enter the kingdom of God..

You shall no the truth and the truth shall set you free 

Jesus is lord


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