Sunday, 25 December 2016


A friend is someone who always stand and support to make your dream goals come to reality,
F-fight for you
R-respect you
I-include you
E-encourage you
N-needs you
D-deserve you
S-stand by you
A friend is someone who see the pains in your eyes and stand by you to wipe it away.
A friend is not about someone you have no longest time,is all about someone who walk into your life and said AM HERE FOR YOU AND PROVE IT.
A true friend always treat you like family
a friend is someone who will always bring you up when others brought you down''
A friend is someone that stand with you in the day of SORROW and SMILE''
A friend is someone you can do anything and nothing with and still have the best time''
A friend will see you through,believe in what you wanna do,feel happy when your dreams comes true''
A friend someone you takes is advantage not he takes your advantage alone [USEFUL]

if your so called friend didnt have this attribute toward you re walking with fake friend and if you to didnt have the same attribute toward who you call friends you are also a FAKE FRIEND..

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