Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Ecooperative make it easy with 1000

Many would have tried out Ultimate Cycler but the N12500 starting price tag is scary because all fingers aren’t equal especially students..

E-Cooperative.online is here to even make you become rich with as low as N1000

For some its a chicken change while its quite a big deal for some…

Some would ignore this, since its N1000 but the return is big and you will get it fast on this platform

Try as much as possible to save N1000 and start with E-Cooperative Online…

E-Cooperative Online works just like Ultimate cycler, its a peer to peer donation community where you pay someone and people pay you directly…

There is no central account here, money is paid directly to users …

Since its a 4×4 matrix system, it requires you to bring 4 people to start with..
You can still get paid and that is when you join an active team…

What will happen when I join an active

Do you know what is called “ Spill over”

No I don’t… Tell me

It happens when someone 4 down line is
complete, the system automatically takes others registering with that same person that already has a complete down line to others who doesn’t have to make the team and the system grow…

Which means as people keep joining E-Cooperative Online using my link, you don’t need to evangelize…

You can still register people under you to make our team a very active one but if you don’t have who to register, you don’t need to worry as you will still be paid…

 So how is the payment like

Stage 1

There are four (4) levels under this stage…

Level 1

You will upgrade to level 1 by paying (N1,000) to an upline4 people will pay to you ==> Making

Level 2

You will upgrade to level 2 by paying N2,500 to an upline16 people will pay you ==> N40,000

Level 3

You will upgrade to level 3 by paying N5,000 to an upline64 people will pay you ===> N320,000

Level 4

You will upgrade to level 4 by paying
N10,000 to an upline256 people will pay you ===> N2,560,000 this is wow….

Its not over there o…

Join Eco operative 


For info join our whatsapp groupπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž


Whatsapp me or call 08101689316
Join Ecooperative now and be financial free within some months

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