Thursday, 12 January 2017


At the end  of the action you take do you  use to feel remorse or feel grateful for taking the action?
The problem in life is that  people takes action without thinking about the END wheather it is positive or negative?
thou people says will learn from our mistakes there are some mistakes we made that will reap the suffering still will enter the grave.
before putting an action into steps always  ask yourself is this step you take right or wrong and what is goin to be the repercussion at the end.
  • dont took an action because you re forced to or because you have no choice at the end if you re reapin the suffering of your mistakes those that force you would not stand by despite they re the one that lead you to the mess.
  • dont took an action because others do and save them what save them may not save you because heads are not equal. dont copy someone lifestyle to survive create your own life style in good ways.
    Always takes an step that at the END you will achieved thou if you didnt achieved all.

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