Sunday, 7 May 2017


Dear friend everything in life is not money if you use all your time knowledge on worldly things it cant favour you at the end because the bible say what is the gain of a man who enherit the world and loose his soul what will he use to the restoration

dont set ur eyes on worldly things again because the world will soon end but set your eyes on HEAVEN THINGS Live life to honour God-he-shall-honour-you. Sometimes do you sit back and think about God Love on you i wondered where the world we be today if God didnot love the world?.God is Love

have you ever experience a true and complete true love? real love is patient and kind not envious and doe not persist on his own.

love is humble and not puffed up. it does not behave itself unseemingly it seekest not her own {it is sacrificial] it is not easily provoked.Love thinks no evill about anyone nd rejoices not in sins but rejoices in the truth.
love endures all things believe all things hope in all things and bears all things among all true love never fail {1cor.13 vs 48

where on the earth or can you find this true Love not matter all people often says i Love You they cant love you still to this extend. have you been priviledge to give out or receive thiskind of LOVE? this answer is NO we can love someone that will affect us we are human beings.

the only one that can offer the genuine real complete real is God almighty the creator of heaven and earth because is infinite and his love Himself {deut 7vs9][1john4;16] if God didnt love the world the world will have perish because God does not want the world to perish he surrending his is sole son JESUS CHRIST [what great love]you cant find it on earth no matter how someone said he or she loves you he can give you his or her life he cant do what will affect him or her and favour you.
God love to the world makes him to surrender his sole son to die a disgraceful death on the cross so to as to saves us from the power of sins and dead[what a great work]

dear friend God is calling you to receive his LOVE [JESUS CHRIST] so that your sins can be washed away .the bible says that scarely can a man die for his friend but jesus died for his enemies while we were yet a sinners suppose to suffer on earth die and end up in hell fire jesus died for us [rom 5vs8]

are you searching for a true love nd a comforter that will make your Life glorious [jesus is the way]
accept the God love [jesus christ by confessing your since to him asking for forgiveness and use ur mouth to confess that you accept him as your lord as saviours and believe in him with your heart and Life life of righteous and to honour-god-he-shall-honour-you. your Life will not remaining the same again


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