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Payooner is a alternative to paypal that you can use to send and receive worldwide.

but there is a little different  between paypal and payoneer account with paypal you receive and send money through your Email, but payoneer receive and send money through bank account

Payoneer works as a bank that makes you send and receive through your bank account across the globe

with payoneer account you are entitle to receive and send money across the world with US DOLLAR, EURO AND MANY CURRENCIES 

and interesting Fact about it is that you get a Debit master card that make's you withdraw your money anywhere in the world

your prepaid card will be ship to your shipping address you submit .. and if you have not gotten unstill you reach $1000  you will be able to withdraw your money to your local bank

payoneer Gives you a bank account, bank name, that you can use to send and receive money in countries that which currency is USDOLLAR, EURO and many money

MY bank account are below

my payoneer usd bank account

with this bank account details i can use it to receive money from companies around the world and individual like Google adsense fiverr amazon and more affiliate companies

and you also earn $25 per referral and you also receive $25 bonus when you have $100 in your account..


how to open payoneer account fast step
2- click on sign up get $25

you have registration process to go through before your account can get review

1st process

  • choose your account type [individual or company] if you are a company choose a company and if you are a indivdual choose individual 

  • and fill the necessaries information 
  •  click next
and you will be taking to the 2nd stage 

  • enter your country [note you will verify it with your national identification number]

  • your address [note your addrressmust correspond with the address on your nation identification]
  • your city and post code [note the post code you are going to use should be your area or close area post code] you can search google for your post code
click on next to go 3rd stage

  • choose your password

  • your security question and type your answer
and choose the country of id you want to proof if you are nigeria you choose nigeria 

  • chose your medium of verification 
you have choice
  • national id
  • passport
  • driving license
choose any one an enter the required information you are ask 

click on next to move to the last stage

  • choose your bank type [personal]
  • bank country

  • currencies you want to use [usd or eur]

  • your bank name

  • your name

  • your account number

  • your bank swift/bic
what is mean by that? SWIFT code is an international bank code that identifies particular banks worldwide. It's also known as a Bank Identifier Code (BIC). CommBank usesSWIFT codes to send money to overseas banks. ASWIFT code consists of 8 or 11 characters. ... You'll need to give this code to anyone sending money to you from overseas.

     how to get your bank swift /bic

two ways to  get

search it on google 

or search it https://www2.swift.com

after you get just enter it and click on next you will receive message that your account has been submit for review and you willl get notify within 3days working business 

within some hours your review will be approved or this approved

if you get approved this the mail you received from payoneer

how to apply for payoneer account

remember to drop a comment and if you need how this comment it will we here to help..

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