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how to register & setup propellerads publisher google adsense alternative

If you have been getting adsense disapproved don't worry any more this another paying ad network like google that will pays you

Propeller Ads is an internet media company that is sharply focused on delivering the easiest, most effective, and reliable global digital advertising platform.

Propeller pays $25 has their minimum payout but before you start withdrawing $25 has minimum payout you must first withdraw $100 for the first time.

propeller accept 6 mediums of payment

  • epayments
  • payoneer prepaid mastercard
  • payoneer bank transfer
  • paypal usd
  • skrill euro
  • webmoney z
you chose any one and insert your details to it..

Propeller has 6 ads formats (ads unit]

  • oneclick (popunder)
  • native direct ads
  • pushup
  • interestial
  • banner.
And getting propeller publisher is very easy, no long review, strict approval, you get instant approve as you register your account.

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How do I get started as a Propeller ads Publisher?

The Sign-up and integration process is pretty simple.

1) Sign up to create your Propeller Ads Publisher account.

Name – your name

E-mail – you must enter a valid email address, where we will send an activation link so that you can complete the registration.

Messenger – your Skype or ICQ contact (put "N/A" if you don't have one)

Website – URL of your active website

Message – any additional information

Click on Sign Up and wait for confirmation that your registration is successful.

Check your email for a confirmation message and follow the confirmation link.

A password to the publisher's administration panel will be automatically sent to your email address.

2) Log into the Publisher Administration Panel.

You can log into your PropellerAds Publisher Panel using your email and password.

3) Add and verify your website(s)

To begin serving ads and start earning, you need to add your websites to propeller system and choose the AD formats you want to display on your site.
Click on Sites and "Add new sites," then enter your site domain name and click Submit.

click on add site

Copy provided code and paste into the HTML of your site's main page.

paste it under your head tag

Alternatively, you can upload the verification HTML file to the root of the website.

Once you've added the tag to your home page (or the HTML file has been uploaded), click Verify.

4) Create Ad Channels

Once your site is verified you need to add an "Ad Channel" (AD zone).
Select your site from the list by clicking the domain name, then choose the type of AdZone you want to create (Popunder, Banner, Direct, Mobile Dialog Ads or Mobile Interstitial) and click Next.

Enter a name for this Ad Channel and click Next.

Grab the code for your Ad Channel.

You are giving the 3 codes option  2 contains ads with ads blocker code but you are going to choose one but they have to be install manual

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

  • For the jscode with adsblock 

Copy the Javascript code and paste it in the source code of your website pages right after the <body> tag.

  • for the JSCODE

Paste the ad channel tag on your website.
Copy the HTML code and paste it in the source code of your website pages.

a) For Popunder ADs, the code must be placed right after the <body> tag of all your pages.

paste it under body tag

  •  For Banner ADs, you need to paste the code into the HTML code of all website pages where you want to display banners.

  •  For Mobile ADs, the code must be placed right after the <body> tag of your pages.

You're done!!

After you've pasted the "Channel Tag" ads will automatically start to show on your website and generate an income.

You can add as many channels as you need for every website.
The intelligent algorithm of Propeller Ads will automatically optimize your campaign to generate the best eCPM possible

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