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how to get dofollow backlink from nairaland

NairaLand is one of the biggest forum in nigeria where bloggers and webmasters post their article and get free Dofollow baclink (Free traffic) to their blog/website

If you have been looking for how to get  dofollow backlink  from, nairaland is one of the forum you can get free dofollow backlink (free traffic). to your blog/website

In This post am going to teach how to get dofollow (free traffic) backlink from nairaland before we go there lemme give little info about Nairaland and importance of Dofollow baclink .

Nairaland is an online community(forum)created by Seun Osewa in March 2005. It is targeted at Nigerians. Nairaland currently has over 1,975,369 registered accounts as at march 25 2018 , and is ranked as the 10th most visited site in Nigeria according to Alexa.com

imagine the dofollow backlink (free traffic) you will get to your blog/website if you blog content is rank on the first page of nairaland homepage.

how to get dofollow backlink from nairaland

Nairaland has 53.08 DOMAIN AUTHORITY

Domain Authority or DA is that statistical measure which is used to find out the reputation of a particular website which is provided by SEOmoz or better known as Moz. It is a statistical number from 0 – 100 which was developed by Moz in order to determine how does a domain rank in results of Google search engine

one of GOOGLE 200  algorith to rank on google first page is backlink.. 

the amount high quality  dofollow backlink point to your blog/website we also determine how you will rank on google first page.

there are quality backlinks (dofollow backlink from high domain authority) and there are also bad backlink (having nofollow backlink).

if all the backlink thats are  linking to your page are Nofollow backlink try and get/build dofollow backlink because alot of nofollow backlink will really affect your SEO..

aswell Nairaland has 
60.88 page rank 
page authority is the ranking potential of a single web page whereas domain authority tells us about the overall ranking potential of the entire domain or subdomains.

Getting a dofollow backlink from a forum like this will increase your Domain authority and page authority and it will improve your  SEO and getting dofollow backlink from nairaland will get you huge trafffic to your blog/website if you blog post rank nairaland homepage.

sorry i don't mean to waste your time with long story but i want to make sure you know how it importnt dofollow backlink is.

yes you have know little about Nairaland (how to get dofollow backlink) but lemme also share little tips about Backlink especially dofollow backlink.

NOTE-- have not forget why we are here the main target of this post is to show how to get dofollow backlink from nairaland is not everybody that's posting on nairaland are getting dofollow backlink..

Lemme share with you want is backlink is all about and importance of dofollow backlink is not only nairaland that you can get dofollow backlink from there are tone of site/blogs that you can get dofollow backlink from.

but what you should always remember is you should alway be getting dofollow backlink from blog/website that you are in the same niche.

if you are tech blogger atleast let your 70% of your dofollow backlink also comes from blog in tech niche.

if you are a fashion blogger and you are getting your dofollow backlink from blog/website in sport categories google may count your blog as spam and NO index of your content anymore.

so you should be careful on how you get your dofollow backlink and don't just buy dofollow backlink from third parties if you did not know the source of their dofollow backlink generator.

Lemme quickly explain to you in this post  what is backlink and dofollow backlink is there any relationship with them.

BACKLINK simply means another web pages(blog) is linking to your page (blog) for instance if you post on facebook and your drop your blog link and someone click the link the referer (backlink)web page is facebook

but there are different type of backlink that a site gives you here are some.

Link Juice:

No-Follow Link:

Do-Follow Link: 

Linking Root Domains:

Low-Quality Links: 

Internal Links:

we are not going to explain what all this backlink type means but the best backlink you can get is dofollow backink and link juice.

  Importance of getting dofollow backlink

 If you want be on a higher rank on the search engines, then you have to concentrate on creating your DoFollow backlinks

  • Getting dofollow backlink  they show site popularity
  • Getting dofollow backlink will be driven you alot of  free traffic
  • Getting dofollow backlink will increase your domain & page Authority
  • Getting dofollow backlink will improve your SEO
there are still more points but here are 4 basis importance of getting dofollow backlink.

Let get back to why we are here


  • Create an account an verify your email
  • click on the categories where your blog/website belong to if you can find it click on NAIRALAND GENERAL
  • Click on create new  post (to publish a post on nairaland)
how to get free dofollow backlink from nairaland

please follow nairaland rules and regulation unless you account will be suspend and nairaland is one the forum nigerian blogger generate traffic and also get dofollow backlink.

after you have written your blog content and you want to leave a link back to your blog (dofollow backlink) just follow this steps
  • You can either Submit a thread and include your Post Link or Leave a comment with your Link.

  • Click on the web icon and add “[url] [/url]

[url=https://tolulopeworld.com.ng/get-free-dofollow-backlink]How to get free dofollow backlink [/url]

see image for steps..

free to dofollow backlink

this little guide on how to get dofollow backlink from nairaland remember to share with friends.


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